Mapleton News owners Steve and Chris Hash

The Mapleton News is a community news site owned by Mapleton citizens Chris and Steve Hash and provided as a public service to the Mapleton, Utah community. We highlight positive hometown news. Note: We are not affiliated with or endorsed by Mapleton City.

Edited by Chris Hash, the Mapleton News features articles from many community members. Frequent contributors to the Mapleton News include:

Lana Hiskey, Community Relations Specialist for Nebo School District, contributes articles on people and happenings within Nebo School District.

Carol Day, Arts Coordinator and Gifted/Talented Specialist at Hobble Creek and Mapleton Elementary, writes about local elementary schools and cultural events within the community.

Derek Haynie of Mapleton Ready writes about Mapleton Ready initiatives and events to help our community be more prepared.

Kjirstin Youngberg, a local photojournalist, frequently contributes photos and updates on the arts that are of interest to the Mapleton community.

We welcome community contributions. Send photos, news tips, announcements, and articles of general interest to the Mapleton community to mapletonnews@gmail.com. Publication is at our discretion, and submissions may be edited.

– Chris and Steve Hash, Owners, Mapleton News

1682 N 740 E – Mapleton, UT