Mapleton North Stake emergency preparedness plan; Mapleton Emergency Alert System

by Kjirstin Youngberg.

The Mapleton North Stake Presidency has organized a committee to prepare an emergency preparedness plan that will soon be introduced to all citizens within the boundaries of the Mapleton North Stake. Stake Emergency Preparedness Specialist, Therin Garrett, is working closely with Mapleton City officials to prepare this plan.

Mapleton City is trying to get as many citizens as possible registered with its emergency alert system. It is a reverse 911 system meant to enable city officials to send out emergency alerts to all Mapleton citizens’ cell phones via text message and email. The system is only used in urgent or emergency situations where mass notifications to citizens are necessary.

To register your cell phone number and/or email address with the system, click this link and follow the instructions to create an account.

Thank you for your dedication to our wonderful community!

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