Mapleton police now carrying Naloxone

In November it was decided that all Mapleton officers would carry Naloxone (narcan) while on duty. Naloxone is an opioid blocker that reverses the effect of an opioid related overdose. It is administered nasally and has proven to save lives. In an overdose situation, every second is priceless and Mapleton officers usually arrive at the scene of a medical call a few minutes before EMS.

The Naloxone was ordered and arrived in early January 2017. Last week the officers were trained on how to administer the Naloxone to a patient. After the training the officers began carrying it on their patrols.

Today, less than one week since being issued the Naloxone, Sergeant Tony Kropf responded on a patient who was not conscious with inadequate breathing. Our 911 dispatchers were in the process of explaining CPR to the person that called 911. Sgt. Kropf arrived and administered the Naloxone to the patient. Within 5 seconds the patient regained consciousness and was transported to the hospital by Mapleton EMS where they remain in stable condition.

We were hoping to never use this new tool, but are ready when the situation calls for it. The cost to equip all Mapleton officers with Naloxone was $365.00

Overdose deaths are now the leading cause of injury death in Utah with more than 10 per week. We will continue to carry the Naloxone, as well as enforce drug laws in hopes of curbing any potential overdoses.

More information about Naloxone can be found at

Mapleton PD

Editor’s note: This information is reprinted from a post on the Mapleton Police Department’s Facebook page.

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